What’s M & M?



“Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there.” Miles Davis

We all begin as children. Playing.  Wondering.  Exploring.  Touching.  Curiosity is sparked by anything and everything. The world around us invites us.  Children know this.  They teach us that nothing is boring, really. Everything has the potential to excite, reveal, enliven.  But only if you can see what’s really there.  As artists we need that unending interest to survive. We thrive on thresholds.  We need to find the chipped paint on the frame of an old door and say, “that looks like an elephant!” not, “dang I need to repaint this door.” Every fold, crease and crinkle in life holds a story. Artists and children know this and depend on this!

We are a father and daughter from Knoxville, TN.

Chris is minister, activist, writer.

Paris is an artist, student, window display manager and relisher of all things fashion.

We are both lovers of beauty and avid Pinteresters/coffee drinkers.

Monks and Mannequins is about beauty, the beauty in us, on us, around us, among us and all about us.

Bon Voyage!

6 thoughts on “What’s M & M?

  1. Mac Bartine says:

    I like your blog – the first father-daughter blog I’ve encountered. I keep on encountering evidence of how cool Knoxville is, and this furthers that theory.

    Where are you a minister, Chris?

    • Two places: Old North Abbey in Knoxville and Mission Chattanooga in Chattanooga. I really appreciate your kind words. Paris is a great writer and a fun dance partner on this adventure.

  2. aamontgomery says:

    I love the clean design of your blog, Paris and Chris! So easy and cool, just as you guys are. With my new blog foundobjectscreative.com, I am attempting to follow in your footsteps! You guys inspire me!

  3. Thanks for Praying Drunk. I just sat down with a glass of red wine to think about tomorrows message.

  4. Enjoying your blog this week. Love the father/daughter!

  5. Great blog! You are amazing artists, doing great things in this world. 🙂

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