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Sitting in a comfy armchair with her socked feet tucked underneath her with a sketchpad on her lap. Soft music playing in the background. She gets uninspired at one point so she sips tea and pinterests for a while. I love thinking about her as a human, not something swaft in clouds and pointy beams of light, but rather someone that reads all the time and even gets frustrated.

I bet she spends time in a room like this…thinking, creating, pondering.


And drinks fruity alcoholic drinks with her meals in a room like this…


And falls asleep on that chestnut colored chair with a cat curled up on her lap and that green pillow wedged in the crook of her neck.


Maybe she even plays dress up when she’s bored.


Maybe she goes out with friends and has conversations that will seem to solve the world’s problems for a few moments.


I love to think about this. Makes above seem closer.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or St. Pillows we wish everyone a very happy holiday season! Go spread joy!


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