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Soulive & Cadillacs

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Today we present to you a conversation with Cozmo Holloway, the lead guitarist for Southern Rock band The Dirty Guv’nahs. No stranger to fashionable dressing and Cadillacs, let’s get started:

I hear that most mucisians eat at Waffle House… What do you order? 

What do I order if I eat at waffle house? Pattymelt, double order of hash browns and a waffle.

If there was soundtrack you could have constantly playing in the background as you lived your life what would it be?

‘Doin’ Something.’ It’s Soulive. Man, I feel like…I feel like the rhythm and the vibe of that album just kind of …that’s how I feel when I walk around downtown. Yeah…I’ve thought of that question before. First time I’ve ever answered it or been asked.

My dad tells me that you have some sort of special relationship with Cadillacs? What’s up with that?

Well I do drive one. It’s my grandmothers Cadillac. And when she bought it they bought it brand new when I was young. And she promised it to me. So I got this car. And its about as long as a pick-up truck. And the seats are like sittin’ in your living room…but you’re moving. I’m not a fast driver. Never been a fast driver. And I think I needed a car that fit that personality. Because when people see that on the road they aren’t expecting me to be hauling ass.

Do you ever feel like you’re cheating on your guitar with your car?

No! That’s two separate relationships. There’s a wall between them.

So, give some advice to the women of America on how to treat a man right. 

What?! (laughs) Uh….ehhh…hmm…welp I did not expect that question, first of all. I’d like to say something other than your cliche like “communication.” I guess…Have patience with us slow thinkers. Like me, I am a very slow processor of knowledge. So yeah, just be patient. You don’t have to move fast all the time.

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