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Writers, painters, drawers, thinkers, coffee-sippers, dwindlers, rocking chair enthusiasts…we are warriors. Brave people put on this earth to question even the things we know are solid and right in our hearts. We remain as sponges; letting thoughts flood in, but occasionally wringing out ones that don’t belong. That’s us. We feel. We believe. And we fall and scrape our knees every day. We are warriors of the heart and believers of a beautiful now and a glorious future.


as is


My heart hurt thinking about you

so I bought a book of poems

I may already have:

a line so small and heartbreaking

crept up on me

and slipped itself inside me and

stopped me dead in my tracks

and I trembled

– and yet, I may already have this line

in the very same book I may already own

and yet what if I am wrong

that is the question

about the book at home

and later this evening,

the store closed,

lights out, everybody

gone, home, alone, one lamp lit,

wondering how I dreamed up such a mistake

– what a terrible desolation – and

yet I am now driving home,

book in hand, so to speak,

in a bag resting in the passenger seat,

and the only surprise still possible

is this:

what if on the other hand,

I now have two beautiful slim volumes

of the exact same book of poems,

each with the hidden line I love,

one for me and the other for you.



chris woodhull