Photo Credit: Mario De Biasi

Photo Credit: Mario De Biasi


Love is breathing; it’s alive like a pulse. Move to Stevie Wonder’s, “Love’s in Need of Love Today.” Or Gregory Porter’s, “I Fall in Love too Easily.” It goes where it will. It is emphatic and fleeting. It has body. Love only needs love with me in the middle.

The thing about love is that it resists control. If you use it too much or squeeze it too tightly it vanishes.

Let love be, let it sit in the palm of your hand like some wandering ladybug. Don’t contain it by wrapping your fingers around it. Let it inhale and exhale and maybe even flutter its wings in flight suggesting leave-taking.

Love is sumptuous. It’s belongs to other things besides relationships. Scientists say we have discovered 14% of the species on earth. The same with love I say.

We pass love daily, and don’t know it. That’s the beauty of love; it can be found in every crinkle and crease of life if you’re patient and open and let it capture you.

-christopher & paris

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