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Love Artfully


Art isn’t perfect.

Some say the same thing about love.

Step into a classroom or a middle aged woman’s cubicle and you’re sure to see a poster.

Projecting a plastic shininess from its laminated surface.

Dated typography with no hierarchy of text decorated with some quote such as, “love is when you are there for someone through good and bad.”

There is truth in this, but is that all love is? Is that the definition? The formula?

Love is a state of being.

It’s when you start painting and realize the shade of coral on your brush is a couple shades to dark. You smear. Smooth. And embrace it.

Love is art. Art is love. Love is life.


Becoming Who You Are


It came to me the other day, not exactly in a flash, somewhat tentatively, a flicker at first: most, if not all of my heroes were passive, not passive in the usual sense of disinterested and unengaged.

No, they were all very much engaged and present but not preoccupied by followers.

Maybe that is a better word: present. Each of them accepted their own souls. They lived into their names. They found themselves, as the saying goes and lived into that gift.

James Baldwin, Nelson Mandela, Jesus, Jean Michel Basquiat, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, John Coltrane, Gandhi, Thomas Merton to name a few. They wrote books, painted on walls or canvases, changed their minds, sat in prison, or on a bus, played an instrument, walked peacefully, prayed or submitted to a cruel death.

Curiously, by doing these “passive” things, by being present to themselves, they shifted the world.

chris woodhull

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