Everything Must Change


The jazz community kind of kills the alive to praise the dead. You look in any jazz magazine, 90% of it is old people, reissues or people who are gone already. The other 10% are new people, when it should be the opposite way. [In] jazz we’re so stuck on the old days, then we get mad when there’s no new audience. Well, why do you think there’s no new audience? You’re still playing [stuff] from 1965, that’s why. If Miles was here, trust me, Miles would’ve already recorded with Usher and Rihanna. My whole campaign is being honest. What are you really like? What influenced you? Who are you? When you do that, and that’s what comes out, that’s jazz from your eyes. I think it’s a good thing because jazz has been stagnant for too long. At least in hip-hop stuff always happens, so you want to see the news… Even if it’s bad. Jazz, nothing ever happens. It’s literally like being at an old-folks home on bingo night, you know? I prefer to be at a party where a fight might break out. [Robert Glasper]

Robert Glasper articulates precisely. When Erykah Badu (music legend) was asked in an interview,”What is one truth that you know for sure?” She replied,”Everything must change.” This is the backbone of what Glasper is saying. Get it Robert! 


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